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After over 10 year of experience in France and 15 years in Morocco in tourism and communication, in 2008 the Loutfi family created their own concept, a unique resort in Morocco – Couleurs Berberes.

Situated in the wilderness of the Moroccan Hight Atlas, Couleurs Berberes is the ideal spot for the organization of seminars, concerts, weddings or just to escape from the city for a few days. The domain offers a combination of high quality accommodation and an extraordinary view over the Atlas mountains.

Only 40 km away from Marrakesh Menara International Airport, close to Lalla Takerkoust lake and spread over 17 acres of nature, Couleurs Berberes is equipped to meet all your needs.

Accommodation consists in suites and very comfortable waterproof tents equipped with air conditioning and power outlet.


Agafay Desert

Situated 30 minutes away and 30 km south of Marrakesh also called « Marrakesh desert », this unique spot offers over hundreds of acres, a landscape of white dunes very close to the sand dunes of the Moroccan Sahara desert.

Lose yourself in the immensity of the desert and enjoy its dry and moon-like landscapes. You will also be able to discover its oasis called the « enchanted oasis » .


Berber landscapes

With a surface over 6 000 km², the Al Haouz province is full of exceptional sites like the one of Aguergour.

Aguergour offers an ideal set up for paragliders from all around the world thanks to its aerial lane. Located 10 minutes away from the domain, it is the most popular paragliding site of the country.

The Nfis takes its source at the heart of the High Atlas. The Lalla Takerkoust dam (also known as the « Cavagnac » dam) was built at the heart of the Haouz plains. The road leading to the dam offers a gorgeous view over the lake, which is 7 km long and with a capacity of over 78 millions m3. To discover its surroundings, numerous trips from the domain are available.

Lalla Takerkoust & Amizmiz Mountains

Kik Plateau

Situated 40 km away from Marrakesh, the Kik plateau is part of the High Atlas mountains whose summits reach 4000 meters of altitude. With breathtaking panoramas over mount Toubkal, the plateau is located over Asni.

Come meet the Berbere people of the region who will share their tradition with you. With numerous villages scattered all across the plateau, agriculture and farming are the main activities.

Oukaïmeden, is the main ski station of the country. It is located 80 km away from Marrakesh in the High Atlas and part of the Al Haouz province. At 2 620 meters of altitude, it is the highest winter sport station of Africa. Weather is ideal for multi seasonal tourism with numerous activities (ski, snowboarding, fishing, rock climbing, hiking…)